Executive Committee

Golden Gate Salmon Association Executive Committee

Founder and Treasurer, Victor Gonella Victor Gonella is a lifelong fisherman and all around outdoorsman.  Born and raised in the Bay area, Victor has boated and fished the bay and ocean since he was old enough to swim.  He led the California Waterfowl Association for many years, serving in virtually every office including turns as president and chairman of the board.  An accomplice race car driver, Victor now runs three auto dealerships out of Petaluma when he’s not fishing, duck hunting or leading his son’s auto racing team.  He’s a passionate defender of salmon and the human communities tied to their existence as well as an accomplished businessman.
Board Chairman, Captain Roger Thomas  Captain Roger Thomas wears more than one hat. In addition to being the chairman of GGSA, he also heads up the similarly named Golden Gate Fishermans Association, which is an organization of charter boats working most of the California coast. Roger runs the 56 foot Salt Lady out of Half Moon Bay and Sausalito. Roger is a native Californian who’s been in and around the fishing business for many years. He served several terms on the Pacific Fisheries Management Council representing recreational fishing interests.  When he’s not running salmon or tuna trips, or administering to the organizational needs of GGFA and GGSA, Roger can be found meeting with top political decision makers, always advocating for salmon.
GGSA secretary and founding member, Dick Pool Dick Pool is a one man whirlwind, owner of Pro Troll fishing tackle company, former Kaiser Engineering executive, designer, inventor, supreme salmon policy advocate, and probably the best ambassador the salmon industry has to state and federal officials.  GGSA is blessed to have Dick on the Board of Directors and a key player on the Executive Committee that oversees day to day decision making. Dick is the reason the Delta Cross Channel Gates were closed in 2010 and 2011 which prompted 10,000 adult salmon to find their way home to the Mokelumne River.  Dick also drives the GGSA salmon restoration effort using the best salmon biologists from state, federal and the private sector, all working together to develop a plan to improve our annual salmon returns by hundreds of thousands of fish.
Board and Executive Committee member Mike Aughney Mike Aughney is the creator/editor of USAFishing.com, a leading sportfishing website. Prior to 1994 Mike fished full time for salmon and crab – both sport and commercially, mainly out of San Francisco. Mike is currently a supervisor at the Marin Water District, where he has worked for the past 20 years. Mike also spends time annually on the Kenai Peninsula in south central Alaska where he fishes salmon and halibut.