Accomplishments 2017-2018

Recent GGSA Accomplishments

• After GGSA urging, State agrees in April 2018 to pulse flow on Feather River to help baby spring run salmon make their way to the ocean
• Proposal to raise Shasta Dam, robbing more water needed by salmon, stopped in Congress after GGSA action
• GGSA and others file suit to stop proposal to build two gigantic Delta diversion intakes and tunnels to siphon off Sacramento River water needed by salmon.
• GGSA mounts public education effort spotlighting harm to salmon if the Sites Reservoir and dams are built as currently proposed in the Sacramento Valley.
• GGSA gets state legislators to successfully push CA Dept. of Water Resources to drop opposition and support restoration of a key piece of salmon rearing habitat in the Feather River.
• GGSA action helps steer $20 million in federal salmon restoration funds to projects aimed primarily at habitat restoration for Central Valley salmon runs.
• GGSA and allies win state approval for new flood control strategy that reduces flood threats while creating more salmon habitat.
• GGSA part of successful effort blocking increased pumping from the Delta by federal government.
• GGSA successfully prods State to advance work to open Yolo Bypass, one of the last great places in the Central Valley for salmon rearing.
• GGSA played key role in winning passage of State Legislature resolution making salmon restoration a high priority for all state agencies.
• GGSA continues to insure a voice for salmon in the press and public debate.
• Californians had a 2017 fishing season, in large part thanks to GGSA-inspired extra trucking of hatchery fish at height of 2015 drought.
• GGSA led the successful effort to get the CA Dept. of Water Resources to pay for tagging Feather River hatchery salmon.